Grinding & Polishing Robot SAPHIR X-Change Video

Saphir X-Change binds together a length of several metres of standard metallographic equipment for grinding and polishing in one unit.
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Metallographic sample preparation in the Saphir X-Change is automated by intuitive touch-screen controls. Easy manual loosening and tightening of sample holder for central pressure simplifies the preparation process. Grinding or polishing media is automatically changed and all parameters can be adjusted directly during the process. The semi-covered working space with large panel and light-barrier provide a high safety standard.

Standard Features

- Metallographic grinding- and polishing system with central pressure
- Aluminium case, powder-coated
- Polishing head with variable speed
- Removal measurement
- Electronic control with touch screen
- Automatic abrasive changer
- Cleaning station with water, air and ethanol
- Ultrasonic cleaner
- 6-fold dosing unit (4x diamond supension, 1x lubriant, 1x fine polishing suspension)
- Storage drawer for abrasives
- Settling tank 45L
- Light barrier to secure danger area

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ATM is a world-leading manufacturer of machines for materialography (metallography) used in quality control processes. We not only supply suitable instruments but also complete laboratories and consumables.

Our cut-off machines, mounting presses, grinders, polishers and etchers as well as analysis systems are characterized by highest quality, flexibility and innovation. Thanks to advanced engineering technologies and manufacture of components in our own factory we are able to meet individual customer requirements and customize machines accordingly.

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