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Handheld ALGIZ 10X Rugged Tablet - What`s in the Box? Video

ALGIZ 10X unboxing feature video: Handheld US CEO Dale Kyle reveals what you can expect when you receive your new Handheld ALGIZ 10X tablet.

The short video shows what the unit will look like when it arrives, what else is included in the box, how to install included accessories and how to get started using your new ALGIZ 10X rugged tablet.

The ALGIZ 10X is a lightweight, rugged tablet PC with a brilliant 10.1-inch touchscreen that's readable in direct sunlight — perfect for viewing detailed maps and other visuals out in the field.

The specification information shown in this video was correct at the time of video production. Since specs change, please consult our Web site spec table or your Handheld sales representative for the latest details.

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