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Hands-free rod handling developed for sonic drill rigs. Video

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New safety regulations and contracts that require drillers to utilize safe rod loading systems are a reality for many companies today. These important safety systems are designed to eliminate any physical lifting over 40 lbs. as well as prevent physical contact with rotating rods.

Sonic Drill Corporation, a world-leading manufacturer of patented, award-winning sonic drills, has developed its new Single Rod Loader (SRL) -- one of two optional systems now available for sonic rigs.

Comprised of an arm, rotary actuator and clamping assembly, the SRL mounts to the front of the drill rig's breakout table and is powered off of the rig's hydraulic system. The unit is hosed with quick connects which allows for easy removal in limited access sites or low-overhead indoor applications.

The rotary actuator allows the arm to swing through 135 degrees enabling the drill to perform angle drilling up to 45 degrees off the vertical. The SRL assembly has a clamping range of 2' to 8⅝' with enough power to lift 8⅝' x 20 ft. rods. The arm is also fitted with a safety shut-down system which prevents operators from standing on the arm or becoming pinned between the arm and the ground.

This system can be attached to existing machines or added, as an option, to new drill rigs. It can also be 'roughed in' on new machines to allow for its addition at a later time.

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