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Have an Asbestos Free Earth Day – Video

Please allow me to introduce the non-thermal, Federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approved, simple, chemical-physical, ABCOV process of asbestos destruction. ABCOV® = Zero Asbestos Waste to the Landfill and Zero Asbestos Liability.

The ABCOV Process:

• EPA approved Non-Thermal Process

• Destroys All 6 Forms of Asbestos

• On Site Destruction Eliminates Trucking Through Neighborhoods and Asbestos Landfilling.

• Reduces Waste Volume by 50%

• ACM Containing Heavy Metal (RECRA) Can Be Treated to Pass TCLP

• Radioactive-ACM Volume Reduction: 50%

ABCOV® will eliminate asbestos future cradle to grave liability and will provide good sustainability environmental and financial risk management.

The ABCOV® web site ( will allow you an informative view of the ABCOV® process.

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