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HexStation™ 2 Bin -
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The HexStation™ has been awarded a patent for its unique and effective design (D640,0285).

Arrange, secure, and organize multiple recycling and waste bins together with a contoured wood base. Configure the perfect station for your establishment’s specific recycling requirements. Two or three of our best selling HexCycle® IV Bins and the stability of the contoured base station provides the ultimate waste collection system for your facility.

- US Patent #s: D659,338 S;D659,339 S;D640,028 S;D611,450 S;D661,449 S;D655,062 S
- Centralize collection and color coordinate with environment.
- Keep trash and collectibles out of sight.
- Distinguish collection via deposit lid type and color.
- Guard against unsightly waste, odor, and insects with our award winning deposit flap.
- Stable in windy conditions or high traffic locations.
- Keep bins organized and together with integrated base design.
- Separate materials at the point of collection.
- Never lose a lid - All lids are hinged to the bin.
- Communicate the collection message with distinct graphics and bright colors.

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