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HogZilla HC Series Track Mounted Tub Grinders Video

All HC series grinders are built to be the most reliable high capacity grinders in their class. At 820 to 1050 horsepower and 88,000lbs, they can handle your toughest jobs and last for years doing it. The power is delivered to the hammer mill by a Hydraulic Coupling or an optional Torque Converter, which multiplies the engine Torque to the hammer mill for greater production.

These Track-Mounted Grinders are aggressive producers with maximized
transportability. Engineered for performance, built for reliability, and proven on the toughest jobs.

A HogZilla on Tracks is unparalleled in production and mobility. Allows grinding in wet weather or on soft terrain. Eliminates building roads to get the truck and grinder moved in to the jobsite or around the jobsite. Allows one-man operation.
Position HogZilla for maximum production and save hours a day mobilizing from pile to pile. Allows easy cleanup around and under HogZilla for reduced maintenance and potential fire hazard.

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