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Horizon Technology, Inc., Tel: 603-893-3663, Email: SPE@HorizonTechInc.com, www.HorizonTechInc.com

Horizon Technology Helps Analytical Labs Work Smarter
Not Harder with Intelligent Sample Prep

Horizon Technology is a leading manufacturer of automated sample preparation systems for the analysis of organic compounds in aqueous samples and Oil & Grease testing. Labs who test for Semi-Volatile Organics, Oil & Grease, DROs, TPH, Pesticides, PAH's, Explosives, Pharmaceutical By-Products and Personal Care Products have found our, automated sample preparation systems for solid phase extraction, evaporation and drying increase productivity, improve the accuracy of their results and lower operating costs.

We are the experts in instruments, applications, consumables and technical support for solid phase extraction, solvent drying and concentration

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