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How does a sonic drill rig work? Video

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Watch to learn why this is the fastest drill on the planet!

While there are unlimited applications for this technology, the top three uses for a sonic drill rig are;

1. Geothermal installations -- the sonic rig can drill, case, loop and grout in one operation, producing lower per-foot drill costs and allowing geothermal installations into areas that were previously inaccessible

2. Environmental investigations -- continuous core samples can be extruded into a plastic sleeve for easy analysis of contaminants while the sonic drill speed allows any project to proceed quickly and profitably

3. Mineral exploration -- the sonic can provide continuous core samples to 300 ft. through tough overburden conditions, without disturbing mineral finds.

Award-winning sonic drill rigs, patented and built by the Sonic Drill Corporation, have worked efficiently and profitably on thousands of drilling projects around the world.

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