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How to Apply ColorCovers Video

Colorcovers are self-adhesive custom signs, that allows you to quickly create a personalised visual message, framed in a wide variety of colors to allow you to use the signs in a 5S optimised workflow if necessary. The durable, plastic construction ensures a service life for as long as you require.
When applying Colorcovers, we recommend cleaning the area first.

A good sweep with a large brush will help to remove any dust and debris from the application area. For stubborn stains and residues, we recommend our H3508 IPA cleaner, available from Heskins at a low cost. This alcohol-based cleaner will leave a clean and dry surface, free from grease and any other residue which could cause ColorCovers self-adhesive backing layer to fail.

If you are applying Colorcovers to a porous surface, we recommend using Heskins H3506 surface primer. This will create a sealed flat surface for the material to be applied to. Porous surfaces can let moisture come into contact with the material. This can cause the adhesive to fail. Surface Primer can be applied with a regular paint brush and will usually take 10-30 minutes to dry, depending on conditions.

To use ColorCover custom signs, print out your message onto A4 or A5 using a standard inkjet or laserjet printer, and place it message side down on to the back of the ColorCover. Peel off the backing layer of the material. Then place the ColorCover onto the surface, making sure to apply a firm amount of pressure to the material with your hand or a Heskins pressure roller, which can be found at a low cost.

If applying ColorCovers to an area with high traffic, Heskins recommends applying H3502 edge fix around the edges of the material. This will help to seal the edges of the material to the surface, preventing possible edge lift.
Now you have successfully applied Heskins ColorCovers; this product will create a durable and cost effective solution to custom signage!
For more information on the Heskins floor safety marker range, please visit https://www.heskins.us/ or contact Heskins by phone or email.

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