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How to Assemble a Storage Tank. Step 1 - Video

The assembly of this bolted storage tank is a simple process. W-Tank® can be quickly installed in some steps. This videomanual is focused on make easier the assembly and installation of this modular bolted storage tank.

What is W-Tank®? W-Tank® is a light tank, easy to install and corrosion-free. The modular plates of storage W-Tank® are manufactured in glassfiber reinforced plastic (GRP) by Flex Molding process. Chemical and mechanical properties of GRP plates make this storage tank the ideal reservoir to acids (leachates, mining industry), to water with high salinity content (seawater, canning industry), to halogens -usual in drinkable water treatment (fluoride, chlorine, iodine)-, to oils, to basic compounds and, of course, drinking water or food applications. W-Tank® also can be thermally insulated to turn W-Tank® into a digester that can work with specific pressures depending on customer requirements

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