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How to use the F6100 Safe Air Monitor | Factair Video

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The F6100 Continuous Breathing-Air Monitor is the ideal instrument for those requiring continuous monitoring of their breathing-air supply.

Supplied with a wall mounting kit, connection hose and coupling the F6100 is designed to be connected via a T fitting to the breathing-air supply. Once set up the instrument will continue to monitor and data log the air quality at user defined intervals validating the air quality against a range of alternative international standards. In the UK this ensures complete compliance with the relevant requirements of COSHH.

The F6100 is mains powered via an adaptor which is supplied with the instrument, in case of a power failure an inbuilt rechargeable battery back-up system will provide an additional 30 minutes operating time. The instrument has an intuitive touch screen display, making set up and retrieval of previous test results easy and quick to complete.

The F6100 incorporates electronic cells for measuring carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, and oxygen. Moisture levels within the breathing air are measured by a dewpoint sensor.

It also includes digital airline pressure and ambient temperature readings. Oil measurements are completed using the Draeger Impactor, which is inserted into a test port on the instrument. The F6100 provides a prompt to the user whenever an oil Impactor test is required and the time
interval can again be defined by the user in the set up. The Impactor has no glass or hazard components and can test for all known synthetic and mineral oils. This port is also compatible with a range of additional Draeger chemical reagent tubes, with test times which can be programmed via the menu, to identify other potential contaminants.

The instrument has 2 no. 4-20mA inputs to display and record results from remote sensors (not supplied as standard with the instrument). Factair offers a separate sensor module which can be configured for a range of user defined contaminants. If airflow rate monitoring is required, the unit can be connected to a remote flowmeter and this can then assist with the requirements to audit compressed-air systems for energy efficiency as described in ISO11011.

For those users needing to monitor oil vapour concentrations electronically the F6100 can be supplied with the F6300 Oil Vapour Monitor. The F6100 is easily configured, using the setup software provided, to display and datalog results from the F6300 as well as alert users whenever readings have exceeded predetermined limits.

Each test, is stored within the F6100’s memory and can be retrieved on screen and transferred via a removable SD card. A software program is provided which provides a convenient way to analyse the datalogged results and identify trends and occasions when the breathing-air failed to meet the selected standard. The F6100 also includes a volt free contact which can be connected to a BMS system or a remote alarm to alert users when air quality fails to meet the required standard.

Factair specialises in the design and manufacture of special compressors, breathing air and confined space ventilation equipment.

Factair has been producing breathing air testing and innovative ventilation equipment for tunnels and other confined work spaces for over 35 years. Our products are used throughout the nuclear and petrochemical industries as well as various other potentially hazardous environments.

Attention to detail is at the heart of everything Factair does, and with a commitment to excellence from all levels, Factair's personnel are proud to be providing life support equipment and compressed air solutions to some of the most difficult applications in the world.

Our main product ranges include:

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