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IceTech Dry Ice Blasting – Hotmelt Video

The dry ice cleaning may be accomplished in place, minimal
changes to the equipment are needed.

No additional chemical or secondary waste is produced using
dry ice cleaning. Dry Ice cleaning makes the toughest locations
cleanable. Dry Ice Blasting saves time and money, from days to
hours per press.

After a dry ice blast cleaning, a simple wipe down of
non-painted parts, and the presses are ready to earn more profit.

• Dried ink.
• Coatings.
• Paper dust.
• Spray powders.
• Grease.
• Oil.

Pay Back on
• Reduce production downtime.
• Clean better.
• Eliminate waste disposal cost.
• Increase production time.
• Non-abrasive, no damage to tooling.
• Environmentally responsible.
• Dry cleaning process.

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