Impex Barneveld BV

Impex Barneveld BV

Impex Biofilm Sensor and I-Flow Pressure Regulator Video

This presentation is showed during the VIV Bangkok 2011

About the Impex ECO automatic regulator:

Always the required optimal and constant water flow rate from the first to the last pig drinker in the entire pig house, regardless of input water pressure.
FROM 0.2 TO 6 BAR !!

The Impex ECO regulator offers:
• Significant reduction of water wastage
• Less manure production
• Better growth due to an optimal feed/water ratio
• Water saving = costs saving
• Less medicine usage

Less environmental pollution due to:
• Lower CO2 emission
• Less ammonia
• Less manure transport
• Less fresh water consumption
• Lower medicine production

Tested by the DLG*:
• Constant water flow rate regardless of water pressure.
• Optimal water flow rate: up to 75 % difference with standard pig nipple drinkers.
• Less dependent on how the nipple is activated.

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