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Indoor Air Quality Monitor

IAQ Profile Monitor has been developed to allow flexibility and freedom in monitoring IAQ levels, and to ensure that monitoring is thoroughly accurate, applicable and cost effective for every individual situation. The System simultaneously measures up to 8 IAQ parameters that have been specifically chosen.

The built in software package allows the user to instantaneously access results, reports, and scheduling options, providing a combination of highly accurate sensor readings, and comprehendible buildings systems management. Designed to give a visual representation of indoor air quality, the system provides a dual environmental benefit; real-time functions enable immediate warnings of the presence of harmful toxic gases, protecting employees and the public. Analysis of the recorded data through the systems inbuilt software also allows more efficient management of resources and energy.

Real time, simultaneous measurement of eight IAQ Parameters, sensor range options include but are not limited to formaldehyde, temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, sulphur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, ozone, and TVOC.

Comprehensive, user-friendly software package integrated within the stand alone system, allowing the complete undertaking of buildings management operations from day one. The software provides full password protection and network access to the data.

Continuous or daily scheduling of sampling is possible allowing total automation for the duration of the sampling period.

Full automation and storage of all operations and results. With added feature of history note log, allowing the previewing and annotation of recorded operations.

Ability to generate graphs, collate data to produce reports, and calculate statistical data such as STEL and TWA.

Stylish, lightweight and compact model, allows placement in different areas of a building. System software allows the long-term logging and recording of different areas.

Choice of threshold levels to best suit individual operations.

- 全球唯一,備有「8+1」頂尖空氣感應器個而集於一體
- 先進科技 : 全自動化空氣質素的測試及素描
- 利用簡單和直接的分析圖像來顯示空氣質素
- 監察系統是可以配合每種樓宇環境而設定
- 內聯網網路的應用 : 從幾部至幾百部的'無線子機'組合成為一個強大的監察網路
- 全日24小時全方位監察,並配備預設時間表功能
- 設計時尚、輕便、體積小、方便可靠
- 可用為立法的標準
- 可用作監測工商業的室內空氣環境
- 可用於中央空調系統的控制、調節、監管及節能
- 提高室內空氣質素的水準,達到高質素的工作環境
- 提高職業健康及安全
- 可以防範'病態樓宇綜合症 (Sick Building Symptom)'相關症狀

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