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Introducing Ocean Seeker Video

Ocean Seeker is a catamaran that has twin 1000 HP Caterpillar engines and has a top speed of around 40 knots and can accommodate 6 people onboard. With a full galley, two heads and a shower facility we can stay onsite longer to acquire the survey data you need!

She will be equipped with the Kraken SeaScout™ system comprised of the KATFISH™ high speed Synthetic Aperture Sonar towfish, TENTACLE™ winch and ALARS (autonomous launch and recovery system);

Kraken SeaVision® 3D underwater laser scanner mounted on a remotely operated vehicle;
Applied Acoustics Nexus 2 and iXBlue GAPS USBL tracking systems;
Reson SeaBat® T20 high resolution multibeam survey sonar;
Sonardyne Sprint-NAV 500 Inertial Navigation System; and
Knuckle boom crane and moonpool for rapid deployment of third party sensors.

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