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Introducing Raphael - Video

Raphael is a plug and play, SECURE, remote monitoring solution that allows you to easily view, graph and analyze your data from any location for years.
Whether your industry is…Agriculture, Oil & Gas, Aquaculture, Water Quality, Environmental or Industrial… Raphael will monitor and measure all your important readings, anywhere, anytime.
Instead of sending technicians into the field, which can be costly and inefficient to periodically test and record data, Raphael streams the field information to you, in real time, to our SECURE cloud server, via our encrypted global GSM network.
Raphael is designed to last, with a rugged, waterproof case, and special military grade batteries. Even under harshest conditions, Raphael’s unique power system will function for years of typical use.
Raphael’s best in class smart sensors and probes allow you to measure any data. with to our cloud-based platform you are able to see the GPS location of the readings and detect problems as they happen, from the comfort of your office. Create your own reports with Excel, or use our pre-set reports. Send real time alerts via text and/or email to specific groups of people.
Save time, save money, get accurate real time readings to your team, anytime, anywhere. All on a secure cloud based server engineered to military standards.
Raphael-Remote Monitoring . . . Reimagined.

Learn more at http://www.sperdirect.com/connected-devices-8-ct.htm

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