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Introducing the World`s first ROC OIL CLING PAD - Video

The Patent Pending ROC Oil Cling Pads (Rapid Oil Containment) are made from a specially blended polyethylene film laminate. The revolutionary, innovative design of the ROC Oil Cling Pad is configured into 14 x 14 inch, 2 ply (4 surfaces) pads, sealed on all four sides, with perforated holes every square inch. The perforations allow the hydrocarbons to migrate to the interior of the pad.

The ROC Oil Cling Pad uniquely holds the oil in the pad when removed from the water in addition to not absorbing water. The multi-layered, multi-surfaced, specially blended polyethylene pad is light weight, oleophilic (oil attracting), & hydrophobic (water repelling).

Testing at Fleming College in Lindsay, Ontario, Canada in the Centre for Alternative Waste Water Treatment proved that the ROC Oil Cling Pad has the ability to pick up and hold up to 40% - 60% more hydrocarbons than conventional pads on the market today.

Environmental Benefits
• Recyclable with or without recovered hydrocarbons
• Collected oil from pads can be reclaimed
• Higher recovery rate of hydrocarbons spilled into our rivers, lakes, streams and sensitive wetlands
• Time and money saved on remediation costs
• Limited damage to sensitive wet lands and wildlife
• Can be used to wipe off excess hydrocarbons from oiled birds and wildlife
• Can be used as a wipe to clean shoreline rocks

• Very few products on the market allow for removal of the oil from the pad itself for potential reuse.

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