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Introduction to EQuIS Data Processor (EDP) _ April 2013

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This EarthSoft Office Hour EQuIS Data Processor (EDP) video reviews create and commit options. EDP is a critical tool for organizations wanting to automate the receipt of lab and field data. This is a moderate-skill Office Hour Session.
Table of Contents
01:11 Definition: EDD
01:48 EDP Types: Overview
02:19 EDP Types: Standalone EDP
02:59 EDP Types: Professional EDP
03:37 EDP Types: Enterprise EDP
04:00 EDD Rows, Fields, & Data Types
06:33 EDP Formats: Standard & Custom Formats
07:58 EDP Format File Set: .xsd - .vb - enum.xsd - .rvf
11:29 EDP Demo: Overview
13:55 EDP: Set Default Format File
15:07 EDP: Select Format File
15:39 Standalone EDP: Error Log
17:43 Standalone EDP: Error Log Summary
19:31 Standalone EDP: Errors Only Checkbox
21:03 Professional EDP: Blank EDD
22:30 Professional EDP: EDD Description
24:22 Professional EDP: Correcting EDD Errors
29:06 Professional EDP: Add Reference Values
33:44 Professional EDP: Create & Commit the Data
35:27 Professional EDP: Commit Types
36:17 Professional EDP: EDD Rollback
38:12 Professional EDP: EDD Export
40:04 More EDP Resources

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