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IPCO Power Odour Control IPCOscrub Wet Scrubber Video

There is a growing need for innovative solutions to reduce Volatile Organic Compound and odour emissions. Odour emissions are not directly harmful to the environment but they are annoying for surrounding areas. Government environmental authorities are increasing their focus on stringent legislation on odour control. The IPCOscrub is specially designed using a combination of various techniques to reduce emissions extensively of the following polluting vapours: - Volatile Organic Compounds - Dust and powders - Polluted steam The IPCOscrub has a three stage washing facility. The polluted vapour is first led into a Cyclone for vapour dehumidification. Here a substantial amount of product is extracted in a oily/water solution. Subsequently the vapour is led through the HD unit where a first washing takes place and where the vapour is cooled down intensively. This provides a maximum reduction of volatile as well as odour pollution out of the vapour. In the scrubber column two sequential washing operations take place whereas in the last stage the vapour flows through a fiber demister curtain for final treatment. The result is a reduction of up to 80% on Volatile Organic Compound and more than 90% reduction of odour. The mobile IPCOscrub units are available for short term rental and semi fixed purposes. The mobile unit is easily transported. Installation and commissioning on site takes less than 1 day. The fixed IPCOscrub units are especially designed based on the application and specification of the customer.

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