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IPCO Power Vapour Processing System (VPS) Video

The VPS consists of a modified gas engine with a continuous dual fuel device and is controlled by a specially designed engine, generator and fuel management system. The VPS operates as a fully automatic device. As soon as any hazardous vapour is detected the system starts operating. The fuel management system will constantly monitor and adjust all settings within the system to ensure an efficient and effective operation. When the system does not detect any vapour it will shut down automatically. The collected vapour is converted into electricity by the gas engine and generator. The recovery of the engine heat can be used for heating storage tanks as well as buildings at the terminal. The VOC reduction exceeds up to 99,9% with and energy recovery efficiency of 31% for electricity production up to 76% (when heat recovery is included). The prime advantage of the VPS is the generating of electricity during the process instead of consuming it. The produced electricity can be used by the terminal to reduce purchase from the grid. An average 50% to 75% of the yearly electricity consumption at the terminal can be produced by VPS. Additionally any surplus production of electricity from the VPS can be sold to the grid. In this way real savings can be established that will positively contribute to the sustainable and society responsible enterprising of your company. Working with for example benzene, naphta, aceton, MTBE, toluene xylene, gasoline, butene oxide, isopropyl aceton, methanol, etc

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