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IPCO Power Vapour Recovery RVRS (Closed Loop Tank Degassing) Video

PURGIT Refrigerated Vapour Recovery System (RVRS) Air emissions that occur during the loading, discharging and storage of petrochemical liquids are called 'Volatile Organic Compounds' (VOC). Some of the VOC emissions from petrochemical are classified as toxic, carcinogenic or teratogenic. These emissions represent a significant contribution to air pollution especially in and around urban areas. Throughout the world legislative authorities are increasingly focusing on the detrimental effect of these VOC emissions. The Refrigerated Vapour Recovery System (RVRS) is a flexible solution to reduce the VOC emissions and is available in mobile and fixed version. The system recovers clean product from the vapours without reportable emissions. PURGIT RVRS uses a proprietary system that condenses and recovers tank vapours. Depending on the application PURGIT's condensers are capable to recover over 99% of the VOC. The RVRS is able to cool down the vapours to approximately -120˚C. The working of the PURGIT RVRS. PURGIT RVRS uses a proprietary system that condenses and recovers tank vapours. This system draws the vapours out of the tank with a blower and then pushes them through a series of condensers. The VOC vapours are condensed back to their liquid phase and transferred to a holding tank or inserted right back into the cargo fill line. Depending on the application PURGIT's condensers are capable of recovering over 99% of the VOC. With few moving parts and stainless steel construction, these units are designed to operate for many years with minimal service. With the RVRS system VOC compounds are easily recovered. There is no combustion. Using non polluting nitrogen as the refrigerant, this system is capable of the very low temperatures necessary to condense a wide range of products*. The RVRS's have been thoroughly tested in the field with a wide variety of products and have established a long track record of reliability and success. *) including chlorinated products Close Loop Tank Degassing The PURGIT RVRS system is designed to degas atmospheric or inert tanks and barges (low or zero O2) and keep it inert throughout the operation. Drawing VOC vapours out of the tank, the PURGIT system condenses and removes the hydrocarbons from the vapour stream, returning only the non-condensables to the tank. Close Loop Tank degassing with the RVRS is completely safe and the tank can be inerted during the process. Condensing and removal of the VOC in the tank or barge will continue until the required LEL level is reached. Benefits: Environmental - 99% VOC reduction - Clean product recovery - Zero recordable emissions from tank degassing events - Zero NOx -- no combustion in process Operational - No ignition sources (inert process) -100% control efficiency - Safe in hazardous areas Economics - Low operation costs - Uses liquid Nitrogen = non polluting (20% cheaper then comparable combustion devices) - Patented process Flexibility - Tank degassing/cleaning - For tank loading/discharging - Process is compatible with wide variety of hydrocarbon vapour, including chlorinated product vapours - Fixed and mobile units available for different applications - Available in different sizes, 100m3/h - 4500 m3/h

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