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Ivey-sol® Injection and Recovery Well

Animation illustrates in-situ surfactant enhanced DNAPL recovery pilot project at a Montreal Canada refinery site.

Three injections of Ivey-sol® were made over the span of 2 weeks at 4 periphery wells, while DNAPL contamination recovery via groundwater pumping was performed in all 5 wells. The plotted concentrations of Dichlorobenzene document the Ivey-sol® surfactant enhanced desorption and dissolution of the DNAPL, from soil comprised of glacial till, into the groundwater for recovery.

Over the course of the Pilot Scale Application the increase in DNAPL Mass Recovery was 549%, and BTEX Mass Recovery was 303%, based on a real time calculation. Increases of greater than 800% to 1200% in individual DNAPL and BTEX contaminant parameters were observed.

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