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K2 Plus Condensate Pump - Video

The condensate pump K2 plus works dependably to remove acidic condensate from gas and oil condensing boilers, air conditioning systems, air dehumidifiers and cooling units.

The K2 plus satisfies the highest requirements. It is distinguished not only by its modern design but above all by its consistently quiet operation, its compact tank dimensions and its reliability. The pump is ready to connect and operates fully automatically.

A new developed float switch monitors the level inside the tank, while the electronic unit oversees the pump‘s operating time. The user is therefore alerted early to potential problems. The integrated alarm can be relayed to other places using the potential free alarm contact.

The indicator light displays whether the system is operating or whether there is a fault. The good working order of the system can be checked at any time with the test run button.

A sand trap keeps solids out of the hydraulic system. The two-part design of the motor and collecting chamber and the rotary knobs at the side make for easy cleaning without tools.

The K2 plus is resistant to acid condensate with a pH-value of ≥ 2.7. The maximum inlet temperature of the pumped media is 104°F (40°C).

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