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  • Automatically Logging Out of a Photonic Measurements Spectrophotometer Water Quality Analyser Video

    The analyser protects your data with access control. If you walk away from the lab bench we can ensure the integrity of your ...

    By Photonic Measurements Ltd

  • Wastewater Water Quality Solutions & Capabilities | YSI

    YSI's water resource recovery facility (http://www.ysi.com/wastewater) solutions and capabilities in regards to water quality sampling, testing and monitoring are covered in this video. Whether you need to sampling in plant, analyze samples in the laboratory or continuously monitor and control we have you ...

    By Xylem Analytics UK Limited

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    YT-600 - Remote Controlled Sediment Removal Vehicle Video

    Fixed installation in sedimentation basins. The SD System removes sediments from the bottom of basins using submersible pumps mounted on a vehicle. The bottoms of sedimentation basins must be cleaned regularly to maintain good water quality. The SD System can effectively and cost efficiently remove sediment without taking the basin offline. The SD System removes sediments from the bottom of ...

    By Weda AB

  • Crane Building Services & Utilities - Quality Manufacturing Worldwide Video

    Crane Building Services & Utilities has leading brands serving the building services, water and gas markets. Crane Building Services & Utilities designs, manufactures and sells a range of ball, butterfly, check, gate, globe, balancing and pressure control valves and manifold systems in a range of materials. The company also manufactures pipe connections, repair products and flow control ...

    By Viking Johnson

  • 6 of 8 - Process Control & Laboratory (Operations) Video

    There are exciting career opportunities in water and wastewater operations. This segment features a range of people in water and wastewater, whose careers focus on process and quality control, including large water plant process monitoring, water/wastewater laboratory services, and compliance. Water and wastewater operations professionals share their perspectives, insights and wisdom about ...

    By Western Canada Water (WCW)

  • Solar Powered Algae Control Using Sound Waves

    LG Sonic’s ultrasound technology reduces algae up to 90% and prevents the growth of new algae. The environmentally friendly ultrasonic sound waves provide a long term solution for a healthy ecosystem. The MPC-Buoy combines online water quality monitoring and ultrasound technology to provide a complete and cost-effective algae control solution in lakes and reservoirs.  ...

    By LG Sonic

  • SolarWorld Sunmodule solar panels exceed international testing standards for proven quality - Video

    From hail storms, to water exposure, to wind and snow loads, SolarWorld solar panels are designed, built, and tested to withstand the harshest conditions all while exceeding international testing requirements and providing the maximum power output year after year. And we guarantee it for 25 years! DISCLAIMER: SolarWorld offers the following video for illustrative purposes only and without ...

    By SolarWorld AG

  • HydroSpin- Power Supply for the Smart Water Network Video

    HydroSpin’s innovation produces micro-energy from generators within urban water pipelines, allowing cities to manage their smart water networks with sustainable, efficient and uninterrupted data flow. Hydrospin's Hydro-Generator generates power from the flow within water distribution pipes to support wide range of applications such as flow and pressure instruments, water quality analyzers, ...

    By HydroSpin Power Solution

  • AQUARIUS Time-Series Demo - Efficient, Accurate & Defensible Water Data Video

    AQUARIUS Time-Series is the leading software for water data management. Its simple design delivers the latest water science and techniques in an intuitive interface. It allows water resource managers to correct and quality control time series data, build better rating curves, and derive and report on water information in real-time to meet stakeholder ...

    By Aquatic Informatics Inc

  • Outdoor Stationary Water Sampler Campbell Scientific BVS4300C Video

    Outdoor Stationary Refrigerated Water Sampler for Wastewater Influent Sampling. Learn more at http://www.aquatechnologygroup.com/samplers/ These Campbell Scientific stationary automatic water samplers provide reliable sampling for storm water, waste water, or other water-quality applications. This video shows how the samplers use an industrial vacuum pump to draw water through intake tubing ...

    By Aqua Technology Group

  • Jury: Ms. Prof. M. Kennedy, PHD | UNESCO IHE Institute for Water Technology - Video

    LG Sonic received the Aquatech Innovation Award 2015 in the category water supply/water treatment for the development and commercialization of the MPC-Buoy. This environmentally friendly system provides continuous online water quality monitoring to predict and control algae by using ultrasound technology, thereby offering a complete algae control ...

    By LG Sonic

  • Measuring Multiple Temperature Points Inside Water Tanks, Reservoirs and Storage Tanks Video

    The Nivelco THERMOPOINT can monitor temperatures in up to 15 points in water towers, water tanks and reservoirs. Water systems have been using different technologies and tank mixers to maintain the highest quality drinking water in water towers. Tank mixers and aeration can help with disinfection byproduct (DBP) removal and disinfectant control. You know thermal stratification exists in your tank ...

    By Aqua Technology Group

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    AZUD Industry and Environment - Video

    The objective of the installation of AZUD filtration systems at one particular application is: Protection of all the elements in contact with water. Avoid clogging in the control, protection and measurement elements, as in the emitter components of water. Adequate the quality of water (quantity and solids size) to the desired demand ...

    By Sistema Azud, S.A.

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    Argos SBR Sequencing Batch Reactor Video

    The Argos SBR offers wastewater treatment process control flexibility matched with capital equipment savings, ease of installation, and maintenance. At the heart of this solution is the surface-mounted, Aire-O2 TRITON Process Aerator/Mixer with its unique capability of separating aeration and mixing all within one unit. The system is designed to meet the specific effluent quality requirements ...

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    Aquaread BlackBox Video

    The BlackBox is a data converter that allows any model of Aquaread water quality probe to be interfaced directly to a third party processing, control or logging device. With a choice of industry standard digital interfaces the BlackBox offers a versatile and cost effective data conversion solution. View our video for a quick introduction to our ...

    By Aquaread Limited

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    AZUD Industry and Environment Video

    The objective of the installation of AZUD filtration systems at one particular application is: Protection of all the elements in contact with water. Avoid clogging in the control, protection and measurement elements, as in the emitter components of water. Adequate the quality of water (quantity and solids size) to the desired demand levels. Reduce the frequency and ...

    By Sistema Azud, S.A.

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    New InfraCal 2 Analyzer for On-Site Testing - Video

    The InfraCal 2 is the next generation of portable IR analyzers for on-site measurements with increased performance, versatility and ease of operation. Applications include sub ppm oil in water, hydrocarbons in solvents for metal parts cleaning, barrier layer film analysis, material verification, biodiesel in diesel and ethanol in gasoline blend testing or any other routine quantitative or quality ...

    By Spectro Scientific

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    Wilks at Pittcon introducing InfraCal 2 - Video

    The new InfraCal 2 Portable IR Analyzers with increase signal-to-noise ratio for better sensitivity and a touch screen display with new features -- including multiple calibrations, internal data logging and transfer, alarm functions, security/password protection, and internal battery pack. Compact, rugged package, weighing less than 6 lbs. and with no moving parts. Applications include; sub-ppm ...

    By Spectro Scientific

  • Welcome to TCS Biosciences Ltd. Video

    TCS Biosciences is a manufacturer and distributor of laboratory reagents, test kits and quality control reagents for the Clinical, Pharmaceutical, Food and Water sectors. Our commitment to supplying quality and innovative products helps our customers to excel in the provision of clinical care, medicines, food and drinking water. In our 40 year history we have established ourselves as Europe's ...

    By TCS Biosciences Ltd

  • INADCO - Measuring Moisture in Brick-works Video

    The INADCO Densimeter is mounted in a factory that produces bricks, bases on a mixture of clay, loam and sand . Combined with the option Moisture-Measuring the Densimeter controls the amount of water added to the mixer. This results in a higher quality of bricks because the size and color of the baked bricks will vary when too much water is added. Furthermore all the added water has to be removed ...

    By Inadco

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