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KjelFlex K-360 – Kjeldahl analysis with broad application flexibility

Protein determination via Kjeldahl analysis with KjelFlex K-360 guarantees a smooth and reproducible operation in food, feed and pharmaceutical industries. The modular setup of the Kjeldahl instrument enables easy expansion from a manual distillation unit to a fully automated system for nitrogen determination.

The Kjeldahl analyzer combines flexibility with the broadest range of applications, ease of use and maximum user and sample safety.

✔️ Programmable with up to 50 Kjeldahl methods
✔️ Precise control of key parameters 👉 steam regulation, steam reduction, dosage of strong acids, automated analysis by direct communication with external titrator
✔️ Quick, simple switch between Kjeldahl distillation and direct distillation
✔️ Patented method for sulfur dioxide determination
✔️ Reliable, reproducible results in accordance to official regulations (such as EEC 2870, EEC 2676)

Reach us out for more information here 👉 https://goo.gl/tkUj6B