Lamor - Möbius: Oil Spill Response in Peru North`s Rainforest Video

In recent decades the world has suffered of many thousands of oil spills. Lamor is a Finland-based company with 35-years experience in providing oil spill response and environmental solutions. In the North Peruvian rainforest Lamor conducts one of its most important cleanup operations. The remediation of area is conducted with unique 100% Lamor patented equipment. Transportation, vegetation and all other operations, related to cleaning process, is supervised and provided by Lamor. Möbius powdered sorbent with large hydrophobic capacity is crucial for this process with its ability to make oil absorption very efficient without any water leaches. The effect of sorbent can be visible instantly, thus workers do their job faster and more efficiently. Möbius sorbent booms, made of special sorbent material, do not sink, thus efficiently replace those used before, that absorb not only oil, but water. Möbius and Lamor keep moving forward in developing better environmental solutions for protecting the environment and creating benefits for the world around.

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