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Laser Bird Repellent - Agrilaser Video

The Agrilaser® is a silent portable device for bird repellent and bird scaring. Due to advanced patented optical technology a laser beam is emitted which is optimized for bird repellent over a long distance. In cooperation with scientist we developed the Agrilaser® to be the ultimate remedy against bird problems.

Birds perceive the green laser beam as a physical danger which is coming towards them. The only alternative to avoid being hit is flying away. This is the same reflex when birds fly away when a car approaches. The Agrilaser® appeals to the survival instinct of the bird. Unlike conventional methods of deterrence birds will not get used to the laser beam of the Agrilaser® and will be always be repelled. After systematic use, the birds will consider the field on which the Agrilaser® is used as unsafe and will not return.

The Agrilaser® repels:
Geese Seagulls Plovers Deer
Ducks Crows Cormorants Rabbits
Cranes Raven Stilts Hares
Herons Songbirds magpies Pigeons

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