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Leak Stopper Installation - Video

With a clamping strength of 5,929 lbf, the Clock Spring Leak Stopper is ideal for oil and gas pipelines, refineries and petrochemical plants, and municipal water and gas distribution lines, replacing costly and cumbersome bolt-on products and clamps that require more time to install and introduce greater risk.

In a matter of seconds, a trained technician using a gauged clamping device can tension the specialized strap securely over a leak with a low-profile buckle.

The result is a reliable, durable temporary repair that can be overwrapped with one of Clock Spring’s industry-leading composite solutions.

• Rapid repair process prevents environmental exposure to hydrocarbons within seconds
• Teeth designed into the tightening strap improve strength, safety, and repair speed
• Low-profile repair simplifies installation and composite overwrap application
• Third-party verification of 5,929 lbf (2689 kgf) breaking strength
• Certified SGS tensile strength certificate

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