LINUO USA Segment Control Valve Intro Video

A Segment control valve is a 'quarter-turn' valve with a 'sliced' or 'segmented' ball. The shape of the segment offers linear control, a sweeping or cutting action when closing (making it a good choice for slurries or fibers) and a tight shutoff.

The segment ball valve, developed and manufactured by Linuo, is a quarter turn control valve mainly intended for throttling service. It has a compact and innovative design and provides excellent controllability in a wide variety of applications in such industries as pulp and paper, chemical, petrochemical, fiber, food, petroleum, water and wastewater.

Linuo is is one of the world's leading providers of segment control valves to oil and gas, pulp & paper, food service, power generation, chemical, and general industries.

Linuo Segment Control valves offer greater reliability, precision control, and flow capacity, with significantly reduced cavitation, flashing, and noise. The Linuo segment control valve provides tight modulating control, low torque, high flow, with a virtually obstruction free design. The one-piece construction provides increased structural integrity with minimized leaks. The specially designed segment ball provides precise equal percentage flow control from small incremental opening at the beginning of valve opening, and high flow capacity when fully open.

When you need a high performance, long lasting control valve at very competitive prices, think Linuo Segment Control Valves.

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