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The Loglogic SOFTRAK was conceived as a result of demand from the conservation and land management sectors, and has been designed to meet the unique requirements encountered in this field of activity. With the use of high strength materials a low weight and rugged strength has been achieved and combined with wide rubber tracks means very low ground pressure. Simplicity and reliability is derived from Loglogic's many years of manufacturing experience in forestry machinery and heavy-duty all-terrain tracked carriers. The conservationist, land manager, utility company, fire brigade etc. will recognise the virtues of this multi purpose machine and soon find its abilities indispensable to their operation

Fitted with 600mm wide Bridgestone rubber tracks the SOFTRAK is able to traverse steep slopes and cross very soft ground or deep snow with ease, causing minimal damage to sensitive environments or highway surfaces. The rubber track has been designed with flexible edges so that it can deflect over obstacles and not cut into soft ground whilst travelling or manoeuvring (unlike rigid track systems) and with floating bogies a smooth ride can be achieved over rough ground. The flexible track also comes into its own when travelling on steep hard ground with wet vegetation, as the outer edges of the track flex upwards it allows the middle 50% of the track to achieve greater penetration and prevent 'tobogganing' which can be a major problem with other types of track systems.

The track bodies are constructed in high tensile steels and are mounted on transverse cross tubes to allow the track width of the machine to be easily varied for different applications and track widths. The fully floating bogies are rubber mounted for vibration isolation and maintenance free operation. The heavy-duty rollers are fully sealed with mechanical face seals (as found on tracked excavators) to give unrivalled reliability and maintenance free operation in all conditions. Tensioning of the rubber track is by grease filled rams and can be easily adjusted with a standard grease gun. With all steel track rollers, idlers and sprockets and a track tensile strength in excess of 32,000kgs de-tracking is almost eliminated and punctures a thing of the past

The large cargo area behind the cab can be adapted to a wide range of options, being fitted as standard with a heavy duty, drop sided tipper body for general use. The clear flat cargo area allows large or heavy loads (up to 2,000kg) to be accommodated, and with a sensible loading height, lifting awkward objects on and off is no longer a backbreaking exercise. Options include the fitting of high capacity chip bins, access platforms (12 m), quick attach ROPS frame c/w canopies and modular seating for up to 6 persons, cranes, heavy duty electric or hydraulic winches (up to 3,800kg), rock bodies, timber beds and headboards, fire fighting equipment, sprayers, fertiliser spreaders and water bowsers (up to 2,000 litres)
The powerful turbo diesel engine is allied to a servo control hydrostatic transmission system to give step-less speed control with full automatic braking. The two speed track motors allow high tractive effort and reduced speed for climbing steep slopes or carrying heavy loads with the option of high speed for rapid transit when conditions allow. With the twin pump/motor hydrostatic transmission, power is transferred from the slower track to the faster track minimising power loss during turns.

The patented single joystick control is unique to Loglogic and allows exceptionally smooth control of all the transmission functions, from contra-rotation on the spot at low speed to wide sweeping curves at high speed, all at the touch of a lever. As a safety feature the joystick will automatically return to the neutral position on release, bringing the machine to a controlled stop. The control lever must also be in the neutral position to start the engine. For emergency braking and parking the Softrak is supplied with maintenance free, oil immersed multi disk brakes as standard.

Easy daily maintenance: All routine service checks can be accessed and serviced at ground level without removing panels or tipping the cab. Convenient site gauges let you check fluid levels at a glance.

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