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Lump Breakers Systems, Pneumatic Conveying - Air-Tec System Video

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The Clodder version of the lump breakers systems, breaks up the build-up of materials formed during storage.
Thanks to their versatility lump breakers can be used in all areas but are particularly suitable for hygroscopic materials or those that tend to clog, such as sugar, salt, urea or silicate.

The lump breakers machine has two sets of knives with a double engine that allows for different speeds.
It is characterized by a self-cleaning design with very small dimensions
and can also be inserted into existing systems.
The lump breaker can be installed as a separate component, usually
located a mount on the vessel or it can be mounted within existing
systems or devices for emptying bags or big bags.

The lump breaker is made up of two rotors with a range of blades for the regulation of the passage spaceaccording to the type of material.
The standard size of the distance among the blades is 20mm.
The blades and rotors' rotating movement pushes the material to the centre of the machine. The blades then adjust to grind and crush the material.

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