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Making a Wheelchair Ramp Video


Watch the entire process of creating a wheelchair ramp using ENECON’s DuraQuartz.

This parking garage needed to improve its wheelchair accessibility; the area had been worn away over time making it difficult for wheelchairs to enter.

Watch workers initially prep the area, apply DuraQuartz and then using a trowel to smooth out the surface of the area. After seeing how easy it was to make the parking garage accessible, improvements were made at the curb of the street in order to make it more manageable for wheelchairs.

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ENECON Corporation is a recognized world leader in developing advanced polymer composite technologies, specializing in unique industrial coatings that provide erosion and corrosion protection for industry, institutions, government agencies -- including the U.S. Department of Defense -- and electrical utilities. ENECON has pioneered unique, high performance coating solutions to protect machinery, equipment and plant structures from erosion, corrosion, cavitation, chemical attack, wear & abrasion, impact, hydrostatic pressure issues, as well as problem areas on roofs, walls and floors. Energy conservation and mineral scale control in hard water systems are also targeted client issues.

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