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MarineFAST Marine Sanitation Device LX-Series MARPOL Video

MarineFAST® LX-Series Marine Sanitation Device are commonly referred to as a Type II (two) MSD biological (aerobic digestion) wastewater treatment systems. The Type II MSD systems are powerful, flow-through discharge devices and tested in conditions described in MARPOL 2010. All MarineFAST (with Fixed Integrated Treatment Technology) units are fully certified by US Coast Guard under U.S. and IMO regulations (see 33CFR159 version: and built to handle extreme environments. It can also handle any combination of fresh or seawater sewage.

The MarineFAST LX-Series System is strong, corrosion-resistant, and engineered fit under the stairway of a tug engine room or other area in a small vessel. Requiring no special training or expensive spare parts, the MarineFAST units require no manual cleaning. This economical and lightweight MSD with its modular design is ideal for small commercial and leisure vessels for 1 - 44 person crew (sized according to regulations).

Whether full crew or little to no crew, the MarineFAST self-regulates, handling surges, overloads and light loads without problems. In fact, each MarineFAST unit does this better than any other biological treatment system in the market today.

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