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Mass Spec Your TLC Plates Using Thomson Filter Vials Video

Thomson Instrument Company SINGLE StEP Filter Vials (patented) allow for quick and easy analysis of your compounds from your TLC plate (prep TLC plates and Analytical TLC Plates). One can take the compound of interest from your reactor, separate it by TLC, and then scrap your spot off the TLC plate into the  filter vial.  Once this is done the silica can be combined with ACN or any solvent for the system. Push the plunger down partial way and shake to get the compound in solution. PTFE .45um filter vial is preferred for use in this application.  Then press the filter down to the bottom and place on the HPLC. This replaces tedious syringe filters, and other sample preparation steps. Thomson Filter vials are something that can be used as a syringeless filter. This is an easy method for purification, and many times faster than syringe filters, spin columns, and other devices.  Filter Vials come in PES .2um, PES .45, PVDF .2um, PVDF .45, PTFE .2um, PTFE .45, Nylon .2um, and Nylon .45um.  Please see our website at for more information or a sample.

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