Massenza Drilling Rig

MASSENZA M.I.45 - Core drilling up to 2600 m Video

The M.I.45 Hydraulic Drilling Rig is designed for mineral research using rods model NQ, HQ e PQ. It can reach very high depth (up to 2620 meters using HQ rods system).
The automatic rods loading system has got two key aspects: first is a high safety system and second it allows a huge economization ot time compared with the traditional system as clearly shown in the video here below.
Indeed this high technical solution permits to save a huge amount of time during the rods movimentation and this implies a considerable reduction of the construction site costs. Only two operators are capable to manage all the drilling operations.

Main feuatures:

- Mast sliding 2,25 m to drill 90° and 45°.
- Mast capacity 55 tons.
- Max pull-up 45 tons.
- Diesel engine CUMMINS QSK19 with 700 Hp (518 kW)
- Rotary head Massenza with 4 speeds:
1° torque 10200 Nm (speed from 0 to 100 Rpm)
2° torque 3400 Nm (speed from 0 to 300 Rpm)
3° torque 2550 Nm (speed from 0 to 400 Rpm)
4° torque 850 Nm (speed from 0 to 1200 Rpm)

- Compressed air module 'PTO' version '2' Two-stage, ATLAS-COPCO model 'ORX 12' with hydraulic insert clutch.
Max pressure 30 Bar (435 psi) - Free air delivery 35,3 m³/min (1250 cfm).

- Triplex pump: 200 l/min a 50 bar
- Wireline winch: Maximum line speed 110 m/min.
- Main winch: 10 Tons
- Hydraulic device support for clamp opening: passage diameter 1000 mm.

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