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Meet the super fast SDC-450 full-capacity sonic drill! - Video

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Meet the SDC-450, a full-capacity sonic track-mounted drill built by the Sonic Drill Corporation. In this video, the SDC-450 can be seen drilling through compacted road base and gravel overburden with a 4.5' drill rod and a 4.9' ring bit. An on-board FMC Bean water pump supplies water to flush the cuttings. Sonic rigs are 3-5x faster and this rig is shown drilling to 27 ft. in approximately 3.5 minutes. Longer mast options are available for 20 ft. rods, if needed.

Sonic drilling technology offers many advantages over conventional rotary-core and percussion drilling techniques, especially in overburden conditions, and promises superior information collection and waste reduction of up to 70 per cent. Sonic drilling is also the best choice when drilling in sand and soft ground conditions, where core samples are difficult, time consuming and expensive to produce using conventional methods.

Sonic Drill Corporation's award-winning, patented sonic drill rigs have worked efficiently and profitably on thousands of drilling projects around the world. Today, Sonic Drill Corporation rigs are in use in six continents and in every application imaginable.

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