Mill and Silo Fire Detector from Land Instruments Video


This unique detection system, is specifically designed to detect rapid build-up of carbon monoxide inside pulverizing coal mills. It continuously monitors the atmosphere inside the mill, and responds very quickly to any significant increase in the levels of CO, created by the onset of a mill fire. This provides the operator with advance warning to enable preventative action to be taken before damage to the plant, or injury to personnel occurs.

Why Carbon Monoxide (CO) ?

The close monitoring of CO, as opposed to temperature sensing, provides much earlier detection of combustion and subsequent prevention of a mill fire. The CO system will detect changes significantly faster - in time to prevent damage.

How it works?

The Mill Fire Detector extracts sample gases from the mill (often the mill outlet) and continuously monitors the levels of carbon monoxide (CO). Dual sensors continuously monitor CO, with self-checking and autocalibration to maintain integrity.

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