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Mini Desktop Gold Melting Machine For Silver/Gold Smelting, Speedy Smelting Within 2min - SuperbMelt Video

SuperbMelt gold melting machine is mainly designed to melt small quantity of gold form 1kg to 2kg. Its max temperature could be up to 1500 degrees which is also suitable to melt other precious metal like silver, copper, aluminum and their alloys.

SuperbMelt gold melting machine with desktop design is compact and portable, light weight, economic space occupation, easy installation.

Extremely speedy melting within 2 mins per batch and 24hours continuous working greatly improve the efficiency of production.

Comparing with resistance heating and propane melting, this kind of gold melting machine adopts induction technology to improve melting efficiency dramatically.

1. The induction gold melting machine is utilized in whether at the mining facilities, gold refining plants, or during gold wholesaling/retailing;
2. Compared to the resistance furnace and propane torch, SuperbMelt’s induction gold melting machine as an environmentally friendly method will not produce smoke, pollutants, dust or any other kinds of harmful emissions;
3. The magnetic field will stir the molten metal to realize mixing alloy abundantly based on induction heating, which is the unique function of induction gold melting furnace;
4. SuperbMelt’s induction gold melting furnace adopts advanced induction technology, the highest temperature is higher than the resistance furnace and the gas furnace, and the melting efficiency is higher;
5. Compared to propane torch, the heat quantity of our gold melting furnace will almost certainly not be lost, and more concentrated in the melting of gold;
6. Induction gold melting furnace does not produce/release harmful emissions (pollutants) into the atmosphere, since the heating system is produced from the alternating magnetic current and directed into the SIC crucible or graphite;
7. Since it doesn’t require combustion or an arc, the induction furnace does not heat up the environment where the workers are; the only generated heat comes from the actual melts. The entire process of gold melting using induction furnace can be controlled, unlike other methods.

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