Mini Green Climber - Video


The MINI GREEN CLIMBER is a remote-controlled machine designed for maintenance of grassland which is particularly inconvenient or dangerous to reach.
The MINI GREEN CLIMBER, thanks to its light weight and being easily transportable, is the alternative for the future in slope mowers with grass trimmers but with a significantly higher productivity (up to 10 times more).
It is an innovative machine for the maintenance and cleaning of roadsides. It is equipped with a long range remote control. The low center of gravity allows to work along 60° slopes in total safety.

The MINI GREEN CLIMBER only requires a single operator to perform the work of 10 people!
it is not necessary to block the lane and therefore does not create traffic congestion
10 times faster in performance compared to traditional means
maximum safety: the remote control and the special protection of the mower deck prevent objects being thrown towards the operator;
agility to avoid obstacles such as trees, roadsigns or other objects
easily transportable on a trailer or small truck

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