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Mobile Rotary Lobe Pump made by Boerger Video

Each mobile unit is something special -- especially manufactured in our own plant in proven Boerger quality according to customer requirements. Requirements for Boerger mobile units are as varied as all the design options available. Mobile units can be used as an aid to pumping stations, for flood control, for drainage purposes and anywhere where a universal pump can be used.

The Boerger mobile unit was the result of many years of dialogue between our customers and our own experience of manufacturing many different kinds of mobile design. The mobile unit is equipped with a high-quality Boerger Rotary Lobe Pump, a combustion engine with sound shield, an intelligent control unit, a frame with in-built fuel tank and a fixed roof with tarpaulin and straps. Many more detailed options are available such as hose holder, toolbox and suction filters.

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