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As a landfill site manager, your aim is to ensure the safe and sustainable operation of your landfill site. On the other hand, you also wish to generate the maximum possible income. To serve both those goals, we are pleased to introduce Multriwell®: a revolutionary method for gas extraction that is efficient, environmentally-friendly, safe and profitable.

The Multriwell system consists of a close-knit network or grid of vertical and horizontal flexible wells for maximum gas extraction, combined with a capping construction. This system ensures the optimum flow of all extracted gas, without loss or emissions into the atmosphere. This sustainable and low-maintenance system enables you to extract more gas from your landfill site in a shorter time than using traditional systems.

The perforation of the waste by the Multriwell system accelerates and intensifies the biodegradation processes in the landfill site. As a consequence, the site can be transferred to new -- e.g. recreational -- use more safely and sooner. Multriwell: the sustainable route to more gas extraction.

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