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Nathan Watson on Making Laboratory Safety Better - Video

BioRAFT is an enterprise software company focused on providing solutions to scientific research organizations. Our team is headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts and distributed across the east and west coasts of the United States. BioRAFT (Research Applications and Financial Tracking, Inc.) is a privately held company that consists of a core management team and product development team that comes out of academic and biotech research, scientific software, aerospace, high-tech, and banking industries.

Our specific expertise is in research and laboratory management and we pride ourselves on our knowledge and experience in the research community. This capability shows in our products. We develop software that does not just meet requirements, but meets them in a researcher-friendly manner. Our development process is weighted heavily on ensuring that our customers get solutions that are actually usable to the end user.

Our software developers are all innovative and sharp-witted. Our development process moves briskly as our team churns ideas into applications. Guided by a management team that understands researchers and how laboratories and research centers operate, the end result is an intuitive application that even the most hard-nosed PI or research executive will use and value.

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