Massenza Drilling Rig

Massenza Drilling Rig


Powerful and innovative drilling rig. Perfect for water wells, mineral researches, geothermal applications and coring at great depths.
Thanks to its pull up of 55 tons and a rotary head torque of 23.500 Nm, the MI55 can indeed arrive up to 1400 m.

The special feature of this drilling rig, however, is to be the first real electric rig to zero emissions.
It is in fact driven by two electric motors, mounted on the machine, themselves driven by a separate generator.
The benefits of this innovative solution are many:
- Zero emissions, since there is no diesel engine
- No problem also with regulations in the city centers: the generator which powers the electric motors can indeed be rented from time to time. In this way you can always use the latest generation model and meet the requirements of the moment.
- The drilling rig is really silent, which is a benefit for drillers on the jobsite and solves the problems of noise in the city.

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