New range of mobile scrap shear REFLEX by COPEX-Video


Suitable for the treatment of a big variety of scrap materials such as welded structures, white goods, car bodies, collected scrap, and all types of non-ferrous metals.

Real innovations ensure quality and robustness, unequalled for a range of mobile shears:
- Innovative guiding of slide-block for more reliability and less costs
- New kinematics of wings to optimize box closing power and reduce cycle times
- Reinforced sound-proofing through full covering of engine compartment by means of sound-proofing materials and large acoustic panels

Achieving excellents cutting performance, the machine is also perfectly suitable to produce high quality bales, of which density will remain optimal, even with the highest cutting force of 900 t.
Available with cutting forces of 500t, 650t and 900t.
Mobile with 3, 4 or 6 axles, the machine can also be produced as semi-mobile with optional hydraulic legs.

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