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NZS series waterproof frequency inverter

NZS series Frequency Inverter is waterproof AC drive, it special for fan and pump. This NZS series are widely used in the industries of plastic, textile; air compressor; Food machine tools, powder, ventilating equipment,drives used outdoors,travelling and conveyor drives in the field of intralogistics, fans and pump drives. so on.

The NZS series IP65 frequency inverters are waterproof drives in a power range 0.4 to 11 kW suitable for mounting in wet of dirty areas without a panel. NZS IP65 can be wall mounted in dusty, dirty and damp environments, even with low pressure jets, saving panel space and cost. Decentralised inverters: mounted directly on the motor or to the wall.

Big savings on installation: With a built in RFI filter, the NZS IP65 inverter can be positioned close to the motor which cuts the cost of shielded motor cables. Choose the version with integrated isolator to simplify your external connections.

Big performance: The NZS IP65 is a modern sensorless vector inverter with 200% overload capacity, a wide range of supply and fieldbus options, and excellent I/O.

Big advantages of easy handling: The NZS IP65 inverters integrate the EPM memory module - a simple plug in chip that stores all the drive settings. The EPM module can be programmed off-line and the settings transferred from drive to drive in seconds. In the unlikely event that a drive fails, the EPM guarantees you minimum downtime.


- To achieve the water supply control system with more than 6 sets of Pumps, one set is the Main Engine, others 5 sets are machine as attached engine
- The function for the main engine: Any set can be the main engine. Once the current main engine occur the breakdown ,can exchange another set to be the main engine. But the signal line of the Pressure Sensor must be moved to the new main engine accordingly .
- The function of Adding Pump and reducing Pump: Finish the several Pump according to the Adding and Reducing.
- With the resting state and Awaken Function
- With the function of exchange Pump on timely
- With the function of Antifreeze and waterproof.
- With the function for exchanging the Pump automatically when occur the breakdown. Once any set of the machine appears the mistake, the system will overleap this part automatically .To be ensure the stability of the system .
- Alarm for watering :With the alarming function for HO,LO ,LP

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