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Oil & Gas Project Finance Training Course Video

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Steve Mills, course director, provides an overview of IFE's Oil & Gas Project Finance training course.

The training commences with an industry overview and teaching/group work on qualitative and quantitative risk analysis. This is designed to ensure that all participants have a good working understanding of the:
- Basic structure of the international petroleum industry
- Qualitative risk 'template' applied by lenders -- what risks are 'bankable'
- Different risk/reward objectives of sponsors and lenders
- Ratios and other tools used to determine loan values and balance equity and debt

You will then progress to a study of the project financing challenges in the separate branches of the industry, in particular:
- Upstream field development;
- Refineries
- Oil and gas transportation pipelines and gas gathering systems;
- LNG, liquefaction and regasification;
- Petrochemical plants;
- Gas-to-liquids;
- Gas storage

In each sub-sector analysed, particular emphasis is given to:
- Understanding the particular financing challenges of that industry branch
- Using the risk template and economic modelling to address those challenges and structuring facilities accordingly
- Developing a feel for what is and is not achievable from a financing perspective - and why
- Recognising how structures have changed over time
- Studying where and why structures have not worked

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