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Operation Comet - Hatfield Tunnel - Concept Smoke Systems Video
3 ViCount smoke systems provide smoke continuously for a 2 hour long emergency exercise in the Hatfield Tunnel, London on 1st October 2011. The video smoke detection system within the tunnel detected the smoke effect from the RTA site atmost straight away, several minutes before the this clip. .

The impulse ventilation fans on the tunnel walls cut in from tickover to full power from around 30 sec onwards in this clip, although their impact takes a few more seconds to become evident, as the staged RTA becomes visible. Notice even when the tanker is visible the volume of smoke being created to represent a fire from the collision, and how effectively the ventilation handles that smoke. ViCount smoke, though intrinsically bio-degradeable, will travel kilometres in an enclosed environment such as a tunnel, and can highlight ventilation / system interface issues that would otherwise be very difficult to identify.

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