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Outdoor Stationary Water Sampler Campbell Scientific BVS4300C Video

Outdoor Stationary Refrigerated Water Sampler for Wastewater Influent Sampling.
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These Campbell Scientific stationary automatic water samplers provide reliable sampling for storm water, waste water, or other water-quality applications. This video shows how the samplers use an industrial vacuum pump to draw water through intake tubing into the stainless steel refrigerator for preservation until the samples are collected. This vacuum sampler method is in contrast to the traditional peristaltic type samplers that draw the sample in by squeezing flexible tubing.

This vacuum pump method provides for faster sampling rates, longer sampling distances (up to 250 ft horizontal) and less maintenance. The vacuum method provides a better representation of the original water sample because the sample is not squeezed or disturbed. This is important if the solution has high concentrations of suspended solids.

The automatic water and wastewater samplers are also known as Sirco Samplers manufactured by Campbell Scientific. The samplers provide a fully featured yet simple to operate controller that can accept a pulse inputs (e.g., rain gage, flow meters), a 4 to 20 mA signal (e.g. flow meter, water quality instrument or level transmitter), or initiate a sample on a simple timed basis. For those looking for advanced integration, the samplers can also be interfaced with PLC's, autodialers, smartphones (iPhone and Android) and dataloggers. The dataloggers can measure and record any water quality parameter, water level, or other common sensors. With this functionality, the PLC or datalogger can control the sampler based on time, event, or any measured conditions.

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