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P900 130 DiveWalkingOnPipelineMattress Video

This video shows the Ocean Modules V8 Sii ROV in use during the remotely-operated vehicle component of the two-year training course at Färjenäs Diving School in Gothenburg.

The control system keeps the vehicle entirely stable while allowing movement in any direction and around any axis, even with a lead weight clamped in the manipulator jaws.

The precise movement is used to pick up golf balls and place them in an egg cup. The balls are easily disturbed by the slightest thruster wash, so utmost precision is required. The most difficult part of the mission is due to the lack of depth perception through the camera. Note that the successful placement is achieved with the ROV hovering upside-down!

Finally, a diver is rescued from the bottom, and his weight belt removed.

All these exercises were performed by students during the first day of the course, without any prior experience or instruction. Just imagine what would be possible with a little practice!

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