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This video presents the history of the late Grundfos founder, Poul Due Jensen. Poul Due Jensen was born May the 19th. 1912 and died November the 17th. 1977. Poul Due Jensen was an engineer, a Danish business leader and the founder of Grundfos. Watch the video about Poul Due Jensen and hear his magnificent history.

Poul Due Jensen is the founder of the world’s largest pump manufacturer, Grundfos. Poul Due Jensen established the company in 1945 in Bjerringbro and today Grundfos, established by Poul Due Jensen, represents with more than 80 companies in more than 55 countries and employs 18,000 people worldwide.

In Grundfos, we prioritize sustainability and in Grundfos, everyone is invited to part in making the world better. We focus on actions and results within our six focus areas:
· Sustainable product solutions
· People competences
· Environmental footprint
· Workplace
· Community and Responsible business conduct

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Poul Due Jensen was born May the 19 th. 1912 and lived together with his parents and brother at the local poorhouse in Sahl outside Bjerringbro in Denmark.
Unfortunately, Poul Due Jensen’s early years wasn’t the brightest because of his brothers and mother’s early death, which was a big tragedy for the family.
During Poul Due Jensen’s teenage years, he dreamed about being a carpenter, but unfortunately, Poul Due Jensen couldn’t get an apprenticeship at the local carpenter. Luckily, the local machine shop, Svendsens Machine shop in Bjerringbro, had an apprenticeship for Poul Due Jensen and then Poul Due Jensen started his carrier by making tools.
As years went by, Poul Due Jensen wanted to start his own carrier and had a dream of being independent. He made his own dream come true by starting “Bjerringbro Pressestøberi og Maskinfabrik” which produced heat installations and plumbing. The small business started growing bigger and after helping a farmer with designing a pump, Poul Due Jensen finally recognised the great success in designing pumps. Poul Due Jensen’s first pump was delivered in 1946 and was from the beginning a success. The next models was improved in many ways and got the great new name, Grundfoss.

In Grundfos we believes that you always can acquire new skills and become better at your job. Therefore, we have created The Poul Due Jensen Academy, where our employees can develop, deliver and distribute learning to our global organisation. The Academy programmes are based on a professional blended learning platform designed to create impact and to drive change. The Poul Due Jensen Academy is named after the inventor, Poul Due Jensen, the founder of Grundfos. If you would like to read more about our Academy, please have a look here:

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